Blue Catch powerCATCH Power is the smartest power diverter and solar hot water system on the planet.  But don’t take our word for it – check out these reviews.

Customer Reviews

Lynette, Maitland NSW:

Besides heating our hot water for free by using our excess power from the sun, I love our Blue CATCH which allows me complete monitoring and control of the use of our household electricity load. I can juggle the various high load using items so I’m only using the power we’re generating rather than buy a little bit back from the grid to use them at the same time. I recommend CATCH Power but Blue CATCH in particular to every solar household owner.

Carolyn, Glen Innes NSW:

CATCH Power is another great way to reap the benefits of installing solar. My hot water bill for the last quarter was $9.00.

Shawn, Lismore NSW:

The product fills a lot of gaps in the solar industry. It’s a great way to maximise all solar production on site. With more and more restrictions of solar reaching the grid this device see the home owner get the most from the solar system.



CATCH Power is great! It funnels my excess solar generation into the hot water first. It will boost on/off peak if it needs to. Though that is rarely required. I love also having full control and being able to boost it at any time, not just off peak when we need to. Great for when we have visitors. What a Great innovation! Get one!