Live CATCH Feed

What you are about to see is a real live CATCH Power site. The graph is interactive so feel free to run your mouse over it to see load values as well as clicking on the lines to see total energy consumption.

Step 1: - Choose the site that is closest to the size of your solar system.
3kW or Less
3kW to 5kW
Greater than 5kW
Step 2: -Play around with the graph and see how CATCH can work at your place.

Understanding the graph

It is important to understand that what you are looking at is live data. Sometime the data will not look like you would expect and that is because with Blue CATCH you have total control over your hot water heating, so if you want to turn your hot water on mains for a full day you can; or alternatively you may decide to always use off peak when its available…all of this is possible and our customers will some times choose to do this.

Most people however, will choose to let CATCH make all the decisions, the graph below shows you how the data looks when CATCH is in control. Check out the labels below so you can make sense of the graph above.

We think CATCH is the smartest Solar Hot water product on the market and so do our customers…

“Great little product, helps us to use most of our energy production..still not sure how it works though”Caroline Atkins

What Caroline is trying to say is ensuring a consistent supply of hot water to your home using power from the sun is very complicated…thats why all of the other solar hot water products out there cause people nothing but trouble.

Using the example graph above (the one with all of the red labels on it), we can explore some of the challenges and how CATCH solves these.

The first thing I need to say is, as an owner of CATCH you do not need to worry about any of this detail. We have plenty of customers that own a CATCH and never log into the CATCH site to check it out…
CATCH will do all of the thinking for you.

The three most important pieces of information for CATCH are:

  • How big is the solar system.
  • How much solar is available each day for hot water.
  • How much hot water is used each day.

From the example graph above you can see the solar system size if about 5kW, and most of the solar is available for hot water each day.

This next piece is really important:
It is also easy to see by looking at the graph, this home is a very large consumer of hot water, infact most of the solar power is used to heat the hot water (nearly 20kWh of energy). This is really important to know because it means if we have even 1 day of cloudy weather this family will run out of hot water. It also means this family is likely to run out of hot water on a bright sunny day in winter because there isn’t enough power from the sun to do the job.

As anybody who owns other types of solar hot water will tell you, they need to intervene all the time, if it looks like bad weather is coming or its winter they will need to supplement the energy by boosting the hot water using grid power.

We call CATCH the smartest Solar Hot water system for good reason.. just like we just did, CATCH looks at all of this information and can determine the best course of action; CATCH knows this family have a big solar system (5kW), and most of it is available for solar hot water heating; CATCH also knows this family uses a lot of hot water.

There is one more piece of information missing… the weather..after all the amount of solar energy generated is dictated by the sun, if we have a cloudy day there is very little energy produced, CATCH uses weather forecasting data for your local area to make a prediction about how much solar energy will be available tomorrow to heat your hot water.

With all of this information at its finger tips CATCH Power will predict if it has enough solar energy to heat all of your hot water tomorrow. If the answer to that question is NO..then CATCH will call on the next cheapest source of power to help.. that maybe controlled load tariff or simply choosing to heat the hot water late at night when the electricity is cheapest.

As If things were not complicated enough… Everything we have just talked about changes daily… Hot water consumption goes up and down with the seasons and for other reasons (like family visiting). The amount of available solar for the hot water is also changing all the time..sometimes because of the weather and other times because more electricity is being used in the house…
CATCH handles all of it…CATCH is always learning and adapting to the changing environment that it operates in.

CATCH Power…The smartest Solar Hot Water system on the planet.