Green CATCH uses excess solar power to heat your hot water.  It uses your existing solar installation and saves you hundreds of dollars every year!

Trying to be energy efficient with hot water is like a balancing act; too far on the efficiency side and you may run out of hot water, too far on the delivery side and the result is far less efficiency.  CATCH Power performs this balancing act well.

But what happens if you don’t have the internet?

Green CATCH is designed to be adjusted through the seasons, so 2-3 times a year.
In winter time you may decide to start the heating process with 2.5 hours of off-peak, and the rest done by your solar panels. As the days get longer, the ‘Solar Only’ setting can be selected as there is enough surplus solar heat your water to thermostat cut-off.

What if there is a string of bad weather?

That’s where Green CATCH comes in!
Green CATCH uses instructions from the user adjustable buttons to help make that balancing act as effective as possible.
This is the User Adjustable Green CATCH determines how much off-peak or night time tariff to use to start the heating process. This way there is a controlled amount of heating each night to ensure you have enough hot water the next day. The rest can be done by your surplus solar each day.

The number one priority for CATCH is to make sure you don’t run out of hot water. CATCH has a built in algorithm that knows how best to use your free solar energy and your off peak  electricity to make sure you always have a tank full of hot water.

What if I forget to adjust the system?

Green CATCH is smart enough to account for this.

When set to Solar Only, CATCH will not use any other energy source to keep your water hot.  If there are a number of cloudy days in a row then you may run out of hot water.

When the Boost 2.5H or Boost 5H setting is selected, CATCH will try and turn on the Controlled Load for that length of time each night, or until the thermostat opens and stops conducting energy.  If the hot water reaches thermostat cut-off from the solar before midday the next day, Green CATCH will reduce the Boost time by 12.5% each day.  This will continue happening until the thermostat cut-off is reached after midday, which could mean that the Boost time is reduced to nothing.

As soon as CATCH misses reaching thermostat cut-off from the solar (CATCH can tell the difference between reaching cut-off from mains power or solar), then the set Boost time (2.5H or 5H) will start again that night.  The process of reducing the boost will then start again.

Green CATCH is always performing the balancing act between hot water efficiency every day to keep your water hot, trying to use as much of your solar to do the job as possible.

Who needs a Green CATCH?

Green CATCH is best suited to these situations;

  • Those who don’t have the internet
  • Those who are in locations where the hot water circuit is not accessible from the main meter box (your electrician will know what this means).
  • Those with small solar arrays (just from a cost point of view. Green CATCH will work very well on small solar arrays).
  • Those who don’t use a lot of hot water.

CATCH is an Australian designed, engineered and manufactured product for Australian Conditions.