Blue CATCH turns your excess solar into hot water.  It uses your existing solar installation, and saves you hundreds of dollars every year!

No other solar hot water diverter on the market in Australia offers all of these advanced features:

Weather Forecasting      Advanced Learning Algorithm
Online Control Panel      Online Monitoring
Onboard Firmware      Australian Made

All CATCH Power Energy diverting products are smart, however the Blue CATCH contains an advanced learning algorithm that learns your power usage profile AND uses the latest weather forecasts to get the most out of your solar system.

CATCH Power is new technology. The idea was conceived in Australia; the product was designed in Australia, and it is manufactured in Australia! CATCH Power has been designed from the ground up to handle the harsh Australian conditions.

What is so special about owning Blue CATCH?
  • You will increase your solar savings by hundreds each year.
  • You get to decide when and how your hot water is heated.
  • You get the tools needed to take control of your energy usage habits.
  • You get all of the benefits of having a solar hot water system without having the expense or the ugly collector plates on the roof.
  • Blue CATCH is a Solar Monitor; if anything happens to your solar system we will let you know before. It’s better than finding out when you get your next bill.
How does Blue CATCH work?

Traditional Solar hot water solutions are dedicated to collecting energy from the sun and using it to heat hot water. When you install Blue CATCH with your solar panels you have a system that converts energy from the sun into electricity for your house as well as electricity for heating your hot water; the best of both worlds.

Blue CATCH is more than just a dumb energy diverting device. Blue CATCH spends most of its time learning about your energy usage patterns, learning about your solar system, as well as looking forward in time at the weather. All of this information is used to make decisions on what is going to be the cheapest way to heat your hot water.

There are two parts to Blue CATCH; the diverter and the communicator.

The Diverter is installed in your meter box and is responsible for routing your solar energy into the hot water service.

The Communicator is installed next to your internet router. The Communicator talks with the Diverter via the power cables in your house and sends weather information to the Diverter.

You can control when and how your hot water is heated

When you purchase Blue CATCH you get access to the CATCH Power control panel. This control panel allows you to control your hot water service from the comfort of your lounge.
At any time you can:

  • Heat your hot water right now.
  • Tell it to heat when the off peak power becomes available.
  • Or you can tell it to only use solar power.

But the most important thing about the CATCH controls is, if you choose to do nothing, CATCH will always make the best decision for you.

The CATCH controls are shown below:

You get to take control of your energy usage habits.

One of the hardest things about saving money on electricity is knowing when and how your energy is being used. When you buy Blue CATCH you have access to this information.

Below is an example of the types of information available to you in the CATCH Power control panel.

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